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Stress, anxiety, worries, self-doubt, … keep you from operating at your maximum potential. And honestly, your maximum potential isn’t even the biggest thing you should be worrying about. Instead, it’s your well-being. Personalized Breathwork & Meditation sessions are designed to not only help you manage stress and declutter your mind in the moment. But also to lay the groundwork for a more resourced way of doing life – creating more space for what matters in the long run.

It’s your well-being that deserves to be on the forefront of your mind. How else are you planning to accomplish everything that’s on your to do list and attend to your social and emotional life. Moreover, if you aren’t a hermit 100% of the time, then what you  are going through, affects your relationships with others, too. Whether those are family, friends, colleagues or your animal companion. Let’s lay the groundwork for a more resourced way of doing llfe.

The 60 minute session is tailored to your specific needs. Most likely we’ll do a combination of (1) breath education, (2) guided breathwork and meditation sequence that supports you in the moment, and (3) easy tools for your day to day.

We’ll make a game plan in the intake call, and you’ll get all the breath-based knowledge and skill I have to support you.

This is the perfect session if you want to know more about how to use your breath to your advantage and / or learn more about and integrate science-backed breathing techniques into your own life.

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There are many forms of breathwork. In it’s simplest form, it’s breathing consciously in a specific way that will evoke the results you are looking for.

The types of breathwork I teach are Clinical Breathwork: used mostly in clinical settings with athletes, stage-performers, leaders, … . And Pranayama: yogic breathing, which has been scientifically studied and yields incredible results in training the respiratory system, regulating the nervous system and impacting the body’s ability to recover from mental and physical stress.

In order to accomodate to a person’s individual needs, I pull knowledge from both Clinical Breathwork and Pranayama, and facilitate sessions that are educational, practical and experiential.

Usually the first single session focusses on how to properly use the breathwave, and how to mitigate your bodies stress response also beyond the session.

A single session, unfortunately, has it’s limits: The effects of breathwork are immediate. But longterm results will come only with a consistent practice. I’ll gladly teach you how to benefit massively from breathwork in our first session.

Most of the people don’t use the full capacity of their lungs, and instead breathe themselves towards stress. Chances are, you’re one of them

Your breath is vital, and it not only supplies your body with oxygen in about 20.000 breaths a day. It is also a direct entry point to regulate your stress response: you can „manipulating“ your nervous system through your breath. Knowing how to interact with stress from a resourceful state will change the outcome of many situations for the better.

I studied breathwork with two different institutes and am further advancing my education in 2024.

Since February 2023 I am certified in the following:

  • Breathwork & Meditation Teacher (Academy of Breath)
  • Clinical Breathwork Facilitator & Nervous System Regulation Practitioner (MOVMNT Method)

Both schools are internationally recognized and accredited.
(Academy of Breath is accredited by the International Yoga Alliance. MOVMNT Method is accredited by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance – BCIA)

Besides that I studied Strength Coaching with Gallup and am a certified NLP Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner and Life & Success Coach.

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