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You’re the kind of company (or should I say movement ) that wants to do things differently. Better. Whether that’s for the people you are impacting through your products and services, or for the employees that support you in your mission.

Creating a work environment in which people are happy, productive and loyal is the premise for success on every level. So why not leverage the importance of a healthy work-life balance, and let your  approach to it add to your company’s competitiveness and future.


„Breath & Stress“ is a workshop (series) for those who want to provide their employees with easy tools to better manage stress.

Workshop (series) "Breath & Stress"

Within 90 minutes participants learn a bottom-up approach that helps them interact with stressful events in a more productive way. In the long run, this practical knowledge positively influences a person’s stress-management capacity. The initial session can be followed up by educational breathwork sessions in-person or online.

Breathwork & Meditation

Breathwork sessions designed to declutter the mind from worries, doubts and fears – making space for what really matters. (Group Setting)

Coming soon

A few sessions from 2023 / 2024: Lunch Break Retreats (Tuesday Coworking, Berlin), Growing into Acceptance (Park Sessions, Berlin), Finding Balance (Creativa Creator House, Rome), Hypno-Meditation (House of Healing, Berlin)

Employee support

Single Sessions that support individuals where they need it, e.g. navigating stress, gaining confidence, improving well-being. Unique to a person’s specific needs and goals.

Coming soon

A trial phase will begin soon. Do you want to offer your employees personalized support, and are interested in becoming a beta client? Let’s chat.

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