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As a Clinical Breathwork Coach, I help individuals to create deep inner confidence & more wellbeing in their daily life – and companies to expand their offerings for employee wellbeing through practical education.

Everyone who works with me, will feel more prepared and in charge to tackle whatever comes next.

Whether it’s about becoming more grounded, being more in control in situations of stress, becoming a better communicator, enhancing creativity, being pro-active instead of reactive, preventing burnout, … .
What matters to my clients, matters to me.

In August 2024 I’ll graduate my next level as a Breathwork Teacher in the advanced practitioner training (by The Academy of Breath).

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Creating an improved reality starts in the mind – and only becomes a reality when your nervous system is able to cope with the stress, growth and excitement that go along with this change. The best way to accomplish this? An approach that combines top-down (mindset) & bottom-up (nervous system) work.


"Breath & Stress" is a beginner-friendly workshop for companies and organizations. It's the perfect start or addition for your employee wellbeing offerings.


Themed sessions (group & individual) are a crowd favorite: They are a great way to explore a topic or reset the energy quickly. (good for both informal and formal settings.)

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