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Well-being is a pre-requisite for true personal success. Not the other way around. In the articles below you’ll find simple ways to influence your physical and psychological well-being and create more balance in your life. Take a breath and enjoy!

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I’m Sophie, your guide to a well-balanced life and career through breathwork.
I’ve been through the maze of career and personal struggles – and it was through breathwork that the changes I was longing for and working towards really  took off.

Join me to explore the incredible potential of your breath, especially when it comes to creating measurable well-being and a sustainable balance in your personal and professional life. 

On the blog, as well as in my work with individuals and companies, I share insightful knowledge, practical techniques, and empowering stories. All of which intend to help you engage with your career and daily life in a more resourceful way. It’s a lifelong journey, let’s embark on it together.  🤜 🤛

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